How to Hire a Successful Remote Software Development Team

Remote work

“Hiring the best is your most important task”, said one and only Steve Jobs. The statement holds high regard in the corporate world, especially when remote working is now the latest day trend due to COVID-19. Talking specifically about the hiring of remote software developers, most of the companies find it quite knackering to get the best employee onboard.

Though the process of posting and moving forward with remote software developer jobs is a matter of consideration, the presence of ample methods and platforms in 2021 makes it possible. Google Search, LinkedIn, and various freelance workplaces are a sure-shot solution to turning the remote recruitment goal into reality. Not wasting much time, here we present the informed guide to hiring a successful remote software development team for your IT company to make headway.

Why Do Companies Go Remote?

There are plentiful corporate companies in the world that have decided to carry on with the WFH trend even if the COVID-19 will be completely stamped out. While some workers objected to the decision, there were many who found it a great alternative to cope with work-life hassles. But what made companies take such a decision? To achieve a better idea of the same, take a look at the top benefits of remote working for companies.

Remote work

Remote Working Is Cost-Effective

There might be rarely any business firm in the world that would not like to go cheaper yet effective. Remote working is a key solution to save huge expenses that companies otherwise used to spend on in-house team and management.

Companies looking for developers for home working can eliminate huge expenses associated with electricity, heating, cooling, catering service, and technical maintenance. Simply put, they can relish the most out ‘Work From Anywhere’ system in terms of cost.

Remote Working Provides Enhances Recruitment Options

To find a software developer for virtual work, companies are allowed to hire candidates even if they reside in other parts of the country or world. The privilege to access a wider pool of talent helps IT companies enjoy the team of best remote developers for their technical projects to be accomplished smoothly and proficiently.

Other Benefits

While there is no end to the A-list benefits of remote working, some of the significant ones include increased workforce diversity, reduced turnovers, better productivity of workers, positive environmental impact, and positive impact on sustainability. The elimination of management hassles and saving of day to day in-house expenses are top reasons why companies go remote.

Where to Find the Best Remote Programmers

Programming or development is the future of both developing and development companies. And, now that the flexible workplace is the latest trend, companies are keen to explore the various methods available to hook remote software developers for hire. Check out the top sources to embrace the process of remote working like a pro.

B2B portals

The affair of distributed work systems is no longer limited. There are endless B2B portals that allow seeking information regarding software development remote working and hiring. Clutch is one of the finest platforms for B2B buying and hiring decisions. It helps any specific IT company to reach out to the most suitable team of workers or say, top firms to complete their big projects with flying colours.

At present, Clutch comprises more than 2 Million companies registered with it in 500 categories. With software development being the most common yet indispensable part of the modern corporate world, it is easy for seekers to get in touch with a seamless team of remote developers. Additionally, UpCity, GoodFirms, Agency Spotter, and Agency Vista are some top alternatives that employers can harness to find a software developer for mobile work.

Remote work

Freelance Workplaces

The saga of freelancing is not new. A way before the pandemic, companies used to hire remote developers, especially when their in-house team is not sufficient. This gave innovative minds the notion to develop freelance workplaces. Some of the most popular at present are –


Upwork is a popular American freelancing platform that helps enterprises and individuals connect with each other, and form a network of trusted independent professionals. Companies looking for developers can post remote software developer jobs on Upwork to build their own virtual talent team.

Concerning the current times, it has now more than eighteen million registered freelancers and more than five million clients. With so many people looking for remote software development jobs on the platform, it is a cinch for IT firms to find a software developer who can help accomplish big projects with his or her experience, talent, and competitiveness.

Pros & Cons Of Upwork – One of the major reasons why most middle and large enterprises plump for Upwork is that it helps to hire remote developers from a larger pool of talent. Besides, the platform also provides enhanced employment security to employers, while they post and move forward with the remote recruitment process.

However, big firms who are looking for forming their own software development remote team can have a little difficult time with this platform as it is more concentrated on individual accounts. Quality control can be another issue that companies may face if they have no precise tools and techniques to collaborate with remote developers.


Toptal is one of the widely remarkable remotes companies that allows business to connect with remote software developers and other talents as required. Being the most distributed network of freelancers, the platforms are a great way to build amazing virtual teams for smooth functioning ever after.

Pros & Cons Of Toptal – Toptal is the finest source to build a better as well as strong bond with remote workers. Moreover, the five-step screening process, featuring the platform helps companies to find a software developer with extreme suitability. The disadvantage of Toptal is that it doesn’t let firms enjoy accessibility to the larger talent pool. Simply because it has higher rates and demands an initial fee.


OnBench is a key solution for both companies and talents to collaborate with each other for common goals and achievements. Firms looking for developers can seek a team with specialists without much trials and turbulence.

Pros and Cons Of Onbench – The companies relish free licence to hire a software developer remote team, which gets renewed every month. The accessibility to specialists, individuals and teams help employers make better decisions when hiring. However, the only downside is that it is less popular than Upwork, Toptal, and some other freelancing workplaces, right now.


Apart from aforesaid Upwork, Toptal, and Onbench, there are plentiful freelancing marketplace meant to bring fruitful alliance between companies and individuals at the front table. Fiverr,, YouTeam, are some big names on the list. Outside of freelancing platforms, IT firms or employers can also harness the simpler and direct means to find a software developer. Here’s what we are talking about.

Social Media Posts

Various social media platforms such as Facebook can also be a great way to hire remote developers. All it needs to post the descriptions of remote software developer jobs on the profile. The feature of ‘marketplace’ in Facebook is also a great option to form a software development remote team.

Google Search

A simple google search is also considered an effective method to reach out to individuals or teams of remote developers who are looking for the best jobs. To make the best use of the source, it is suggested to put into use short and precise keywords instead of redundant words.

People Groups

Be it social media or a professional platform like LinkedIn allows one to form or be a part of a group where people with common goals are connected with each other. Companies can share their job description and reach out to applicants to find a software developer with matching skills and qualifications.

How to Hire an Outsourced Software Development Team

Needless to say, there are endless ways to find a software developer or form a software developer remote team for the best of the company. However, as the selection process of remote working is a bit different than in-house employee recruitment, the companies need to have a sound idea about how to hire an outsourced dev team. Have a glance at the checklist.

Create A Job Description

To form a software developer remote team using the worldwide freelancing platforms or other methods as discussed above, the foremost is to create and post a catchy and detailed job description. Make sure to list all the requirements and skills that best match the project or company.

Filter Resumes

There are ample people looking for jobs at all the platforms, thus it would not be a problem to have applicants for remote software development jobs posted on there. What’s challenging is to filter all the resumes according to required skills and talents. But as it is the most crucial part of the process, it is suggested to be quite considerate at the point.

Hold An Interview

After filtering the best candidates among the rest, it’s time for IT firms to organize the interview for a better idea about their knowledge and proficiency. Questions at the interview for a software developer remote role depend on the company’s requirements.

Technical Screening

As remote software developers is a high-tech position, it is a must for employers to hold a technical screening. This will help to select the best candidates who demonstrate suitable tech skills and knowledge.

Final Interview

This is the stage when companies are in collaboration with the best candidates among a long list of applications. The final stage interview can be set in motion to hire remote developers who just do not fit the requirements and knowledge scale but also the salary range of a company.
Tips to Follow After Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Focus On Goals

Throughout the process of hiring remote software developers, the companies are ought to concentrate on their goals. Keeping in line with the organization’s goals while looking for software developers for hire can help to have the best proficients onboard.

Form An Effective Communication

The process of looking for remote software developers for hire can have various obstacles such as language barriers, poor internet connections, or time constraints. To stamp out all the challenges, it is essential to be patient and effective during communication.

Handle The Remote Team With Sense Of Equality

To companies who are managing both in-house and remote software developer teams at the same time, it is advised to impose an equal level of standards for all. The sense of equality will help remote developers offer more productivity and active response.

Other Useful Tips

Though executing the process of remote software developers for hire and managing remote developers is quite distinguished from in-house management, the same can be effective with the right set of approaches. Make sure to stay committed throughout the course and form a secure connection with each other. Discussing clear cut expectations to remote software developers can help build trust for the long run.

In The End

There is no denying the fact that remote working is a need of time for both employers and employees. Other than pandemic being the reason, there are bountiful benefits of remote working that can help companies be on the crest of waves financially.

Thus, to find remote software developers for hire who can help achieve the desired set of goals, plump for the best platform or source with a larger pool of talent. Don’t forget to be mindful of the essential steps, requirements, and tips as discussed for the best software developer remote team to be on your side.

Still, struggling to find a software developer with desired skill sets or looking for advanced information over the concept of software developer for hire? Get in touch with us now! Being the key solution to your remote working requirements, we can help you achieve the best results.

Let’s build a better and effective future!

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